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Friends of the Library Holiday Silent Auction

Ceramic Christmas Tree

Item A is a 16″ Ceramic tree with base and electric bulb.

Donated by Joy Peterson.

Autographed Books

Item B Autographed set of five books by Lor E. Lynn. 

Donated by Laurie Gruber.

Pastel Afghan

Item C is a colorful machine quilted afghan measuring 53″ by 40.”

Donated by Maryann Anderson.

Lap Afghan

Item D is a hand crocheted lap afghan measuring 60″ by 50.”

Donated by Maryann Anderson.

How do I bid?

Browse and bid! Online using the form below or in person at the library.



  1. This is a ‘Silent Auction’.  The bid you enter is the bid you are making for the item
  2. All proceeds go to support the Hammond Community Library
  3. Auction will run from November 21 until midnight December 16
  4. To bid on an item either select your bid from the dropdown or enter your bid amount
  5. In cases of duplicate highest bids, the earliest bid wins
  6. The Friends of the Hammond Community Library reserves the right to remove the reserve price should it not be met
  7. Winners will be notified by email and/or phone
  8. A list of highest bids will be maintained for viewing at the Hammond Community Library
  9. Items must be picked up at the Hammond Community Library
Reserve Price – the minimum bid needed to win an item.  Item may be won at a lower price if the organizer opts to remove the reserve price.

General Mills Basket and Puzzle

Item E is a basket of General Mills Basket of snacks wit a White Mountain jigsaw puzzle.

Donated by Denise Gottfredsen.

Pampered Chef

Item F is a Pampered Chef Basket with recipe books and a variety of kitchen tools.

Donated by Jennifer Haugen.

Doggie Basket

Item G is Doggie Basket of dog treats, toys, ornaments, and more.

Donated by PAWS.


Gardening Consultation

Item H is a Gardening Consultation with Paulette Anderson. 1 hour of gardening consultation / deadheading / weeding.

Donated by Paulette Anderson.


Birding Basket

Item I  is a Bird Basket complete with Bird feeder, thistle bird food, and autumn door decoration.

Donated by Hammond Health Services.     

Jigsaw Puzzle

Item J is a jigsaw puzzle of the Double Arch found in Arches National Park , 513 piece puzzle.

Donated by Cathy Skoula.


Item K are matted photos titled “Misty Morning in Crex Meadows” and “Pine Gross Beak during the winter.”

Donated by Cathy Skoula.

Gardening Consultation

Item L is a Tastefully Simple basket of beer bread mix and spices.

Donated by Joy Peterson.

Stem Motor Model Kit

Item M is a Smithsonian Stem Motor Model Kit of a 4 cylinder engine model

Donated by Michael Johnson.

Schweet Shop

Item N is a Schweet Shop Basket including a collection of goodies for the wintertime blues.

Donated by the Schweet Shop.


Cat Box

Item O is a Cat Box with a collection of cat treats, toys, ornaments, and more.

Donated by PAWS.


Candles & Jewelry

Item P includes Candles & Jewelry with a 3 pc floating candle set and 5 pieces of Paparazzi jewelry.

Donated by Maryann Anderson.

Mikasa vase and Paparazzi jewelry

Item Q includes a Celebrations by Mikasa vase and 6 pieces of Paparazzi jewelry.

Donated by Maryann Anderson.


Organizer Kit

Item R is a 10 piece Organizer Kit for your kitchen/bathroom/office.

Donated by the Trudells.


Item S is seven decorative Snowmen themed items.

Donated by Maryann Anderson.


Paparazzi Pearls

Item T includes 5 pieces from the Paparazzi Pearls Collection.

Donated by Maryann Anderson.


Red, White and Blue Jewelry

Item U includes jewelry from the Red, White and Blue Paparazzi Collection.

Donated by Maryann Anderson.

Scrapbooking and Needlepoint Basket

Item V is a Scrapbooking and Needlepoint  basket with 2 books scrapbooking paper and 1 needlepoint kit.

Donated by Maryann Anderson.


Gifts in a Jar Basket

Item W  is a Gifts in a Jar Basket including Gifts in a Jar cookie recipes and 2 Christmas hand towels.

Donated by Maryann Anderson.

Pot Holders

4 quilted pot holder

Donated by Maryann Anderson