See what the library has to offer this winter. Discover, learn, and have fun at the Hammond Community Library.  One registration form for January 5-February 16 programs–just use this link to register for the programs at the library: https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8


Register via Zoom and get your link to join in weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM for a gentle yoga session.  Register here for your Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwsd-ivrjstGNfARuHYj82jrsZML-YzwCfA

Learn how to use Canva

Start creating your own cards, brochures, posters, and more! Learn the basics of this powerful tool called Canva. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Coloring and Doodling Night

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the library, soft music, and wintery coloring pages. You can even create your own coloring page using your doodles or Zentangle. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Friday Story-time

Enjoy our winter themed story-times Fridays at 9:00 AM January 13-February 10. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Tuesday evening Story-time

Enjoy winter themed stories and crafts at our Tuesday evening story-times at 5:00 PM January 17-Feburary 14. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

DIY Craft Night: Snowflakes

Create three unique snowflakes. Using foam, paper and an unconventional material, these snowflakes will brighten your homes. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Spelling Bee

Test your spelling knowledge and have fun! Ages 6 and up. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8


You can be Debt Free

Join Tim Myer as he guides you through to a financially healthy year. It starts with you wanting to make the changes you need to make live the in the life style you desire. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8


DIY Craft Night: Cake Plate

Wow your friends and family with your very own hand decorated cake plate. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Trivia Night

Have fun and test your knowledge! https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

DIY Craft Night: Shower Cubes

Create your very own spa moment in your shower each time you use these homemade shower cubes. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Blind Date with a Book

Enjoy this fun literary program. Each guest will leave with something special. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Valentine Workshop

Create two fun projects. Yes, hearts of all sorts and sizes are involved. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Coloring Bookmarks

Enjoy these fun wintery bookmarks. Color and laminate so you can enjoy this bookmark in all of your reading material. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

Valentine Party

Who doesn’t like a good party. Our Valentine party will have games, snacks, and crafts for everyone to enjoy! Everyone is welcome. https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8

BINGO! Book Bingo

Let’s play BINGO at the library. We are playing book bingo and will have prizes. Good for all ages 🙂 https://forms.gle/VxtLZSWPdVV39R3c8