Do ye ha’ a wee bit of Scots in your background or have you been watching Outlander and need to know more about the fascinating country of Scotlanitst’s culture and the Gaelic language? Then visit the Hammond Public Library on September 22 at 6 pm for an interesting program with Sharon Byers. Visitors will walk away with a bit of history and learn a wee smidge of the Gaelic. The Scottish Gaelic language nearly disappeared altogether from different political circumstances through time, but the Gaelic language Act that was passed in 2005 had a view of securing the Gaelic language as an official language of Scotland commanding equal respect to the English language. Since then organizations have made an effort to bring the language back from the brink of extinction. You can now find Gaelic in the schools, on road and town signs, and a fair number of learning platforms. Come and help keep the Scottish Gaelic alive and growing.” Sharon Byers

Let us know you are attending: forms.gle/rvBUktAfEUPsMKCfA